With years of experience, a highly skilled team and an impressive portfolio, Ashley Groundworks takes pride in doing things the right way. As a rapidly growing organisation, we realise a part of that is considering the impact of the work we do on the environment.

Ashley Groundworks offers a variety of sustainable solutions across the business, from replacing our current vans to reducing the use of paper onsite.

Low emissions

One of the biggest changes that we have made is replacing our current vans with newer models with fewer emissions. The reduced size of these vans also allows us to cut back on how much fuel we use. All teams are sent to the nearest site possible to cut down on the distance they travel – and therefore on fuel consumption, to aid the reduction of emissions that pollute the environment.

Our excavators are also in the process of being updated to the latest technology, again to reduce emissions and fuel use.

Another sustainable solution we adopt is using local suppliers for our materials to maintain a low carbon footprint for lorry movements and recycled aggregates.

Back to basics – recycling

Ashley Groundworks and all employees have a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of groundworks. Additionally, every single member of the team is conscious of the environment and what impact our work or actions may have. This is why we encourage the basic act of recycling.

We target recycled materials whenever possible, whether it be in the office or onsite. Material moved off site is kept segregated which allows us to send the waste to the right location with ease, for recycling into new materials therefore reducing landfill space.

Remember to do your bit for the environment: recycle and reuse!

A paperless future

Ashley Groundworks is constantly coming up with ways to improve the company’s sustainability. Recently, we have adapted to being paperless onsite with managers being provided with tablets to view drawings plans, carry out diary inputs and other admin duties – all tasks that would otherwise waste paper.

As green initiatives and environmentally-sound technology progress, Ashley Groundworks aims to adapt alongside these advances. If you have any ideas – no matter how small – on how we can be more sustainable as a company, then feel free to share them with us. We all need to help each other take care of our planet as best we can.

For any groundworks queries you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on 0800 634 5241 or email info@ashleygroundworks.co.uk